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Norton is an online anti-malware software that was designed to repel malware from the electronic devices.  Norton covers firmware to some infamous malware that includes Trojan horse, Spyware, Rootkits, Adware,  Ransomware.  

Norton Support to the Viruses 

  • Trojan horse Protection- Trojan is a computer program that generally disguises itself on the background of the system. It might be disguised in the form of pop-ups or an online form that urges you to fill in. Once you fill in the data or allow pop-ups, you would be inclined to lose your data to the malware holder. If you find any suspicious activity like the frequent appearance of the pop-ups then contact immediately to Norton customer support. 

  • Spyware Protection- Spyware is a malicious software that gets installed on your system. It secretly gets installed in the computer so that one never comes to know about this malicious software. This software tracks the history of an online user to achieve the information of the user. This is done by the installed cookies after visiting a website. Every internet movement gets traced by this installed spyware and the information, regarding the movement, gets leaked to the internet advertisers. 

  • Rootkits protection -  Rootkits is the computer program that has been designed to control the authority of the administration. The main objective of this program is to deface the actual operating system of the personal computer. This software is disguised in the form of hidden files.  That is why t is almost difficult to find the exact location of this software.  

  • Adware - This is the most infamous spyware. It is a software that gets installed on the system while surfing the internet.  Especially, by untrusted websites and spamming websites.  After installing the system. It monitors each and every activity of the user and searches the relevant ads according to the search queries. Especially, by untrusted websites and spamming websites.to the system. It monitors each and every activity of the user and shows the relevant ads according to the search queries, insert by the user on search engines. 

  • Ransomware -  This software is, Somehow, linked to the gather the information about you r  personal activities Insider. After gathering a person 's personal activities, the developer of the software asks for the ransom for not releasing the illegally acquired data.  Is all done The the this with the help of hidden files is That the get automatically downloaded the when someone downloads a movie or any OTHER wanted files are from the internet?  To avoid downloading these hidden files which are no less than a bane. It is better to take precaution from  Norton support number before cure.   

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